Dedication and rededication prayer for the German Democratic Republic

Given by Elder Thomas S. Monson near Radebeul, between Dresden and Meissen, April 27, 1975

Our beloved Heavenly Father, under the inspiration of Thy Holy Spirit, which we acknowledge freely and appreciate greatly, we assemble on this mountainside on this, Thy holy day, to dedicate and rededicate this land for the advancement of the work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Thou knowest the faith of the people of this land--the many tens of thousands who have embraced Thy gospel and have served to build up Thy church wherever they have been. Thou knowest the sermons which they have preached in song, for they sing with their hearts and echo the feelings of their souls.

Thou knowest, Heavenly Father, the sufferings of this people, and Thou hast been near to them in times of trouble and in times of joy.

We express our gratitude unto Thess for the privilege we have of holding meetings here, for bringing to the membership of the Dresden Mission the entire program of the Church. These blessings were scarcely imaginable a few years ago. We confess before Thee that it has been through Thy intervention that this blessing has been brought to pass. We acknowledge thy hand in every aspect of our lives and pledge our lives to Thy service.

In the authority of the holy apostleship which I bear, and in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world, I dedicate and rededicate this land for the advancement of Thy work.

I invoke, Heavenly Father, upon this people Thy divine blessings. Wilt Thou bless the membership of the Church. Grant that every member may have a desire to serve Thee and keep Thy commandments. Father, we ask Thee to cause that each one who is called to serve may serve with all of his heart and all of his strength. Grant unto Thy membersip here a significant blessing, the blessing mentioned in the book of Third John: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth" (3 John 1:4). Grant that the children of the membership of the Church in the Dresden Mission may be loyal to Thy cause, and the grandchildren, even unto the last generation before the second coming of Thy Beloved Son. Grant, Heavenly Father, that the membership here may recieve their patriarchal blassings and live in such a way as to bring the promises to fulfillment.

Heavenly Father, wilt Thou open up the way that the faithful may be accorded the priviledge of going to Thy holy temple, there to receive their holy endowments and to be sealed as families for time and all eternity.

Heavenly Father, we invoke a blessing upon the non-members of this land, that they may be touched in their hearts, that they may respond to the examples which the members set before them. Arouse within them a curiosity concerning the Church, and then cause that this curiosity may turn to a desire to know more, and then that this desire to know more will result in conversion to the gospel and that the membership of the Church may stabilize and indeed grow.

Heavenly Father, wilt Thou intervene in the governmental affairs. Cause that Thy Holy Spirit may dwell with those who preside, that their hearts may be touched and that they may make those decisions which would help in the advancement of thy work.

We seek a blessing of peace upon this people, the peace promised by Thy Beloved Son. We look forward to the day when Thy missionaries may again be permitted to preach the everlasting gospel in this area, for we know there is much of the blood of Israel here. May today mark the dawning of a new beginning of thy work in this land.

Amidst the ringing of church bells this morning and the singing of birds in this, the forest which Thou hast created, music fills our souls and gratitude fills our hearts as we humbly acknowledge before Thee that Thou art our Father, that with Thee all things are possible, and that Thy gospel has been restored upon the earth.

Let the word go forth from this place, Heavenly Father. In Thy due time grant that many hundreds may seek membership in Thy church, and that Thy children whom Thou hast preserved may indeed be saved in the celestial kingdom of God.

Our Heavenly Father, wilt Thou bless the president of the Dresden Mission. We know of no man of greater faith in Thy kingdom. And for a man to serve as he has served has required the support of a devoted companion.

Bless the counselors in the mission presidency who stand by the side of the president and perform a marvelous work and a wonder among this people. Bless their companions and the families of each memeber of the presidency. Grant unto these men Thy power, for they are men who are righteous in the use of power and who are resolute and true in defending Thy word.

Shower down upon us, Heavenly Father, Thy bounteous blessings. Bring to this land Zion in all of its glory. Bring to the heart of each member a firm testimony of the gospel and grant that from this day forth, the way may be opened for Thy word to go forward in greater power. Grant that the way may be cleared for the program of the Church in its fulness to come to this people, for they, through their faith, have merited such blessings.

As Thy humble servant, acknowledging the divine revelation and inspiration of this day, I therefore invoke Thy holy blessings upon Thy work and upon Thy people in the Dresden Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We as a group acknowledge before Thee our indebtedness to Thee and place in Thee our trust, knowing that Thou issued a holy promise. Thou hast said, "I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. Great shall be their reward and eternal shall be their glory."

With these divine words from the seventy-sixth section of the Doctrine and Covenants ringing in our ears, we offer up unto Thee this dedication and rededication prayer, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

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